A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

About the game:
This is a simple tech demo of a cross platform 2D engine.
It's side scrolling dodging style game where you balance your position and try to dodge as many pillars in a row as you can.
All the assets are from OpenGameArt.org, all the credit goes to the artists who created the art. Thank you for making your art available for use, and helping make this game possible.

Use the UP arrow key to keep the bat in the air and dodge as many pillars in a row as you can.
The more pillars you manage to dodge in a row the higher your score will be. Your best score for the current game is displayed under your current score in red.
If you do hit a pillar, your score will reset to 0, but your best score remains.
You can use the Esc key to close the game at any time

Artists and their art:
bagzie, The bat animation
FunwithPixels, The pillars
Sound FX:
dklon, The Jump sounds effect
spookymodem, The Impact sound effect
, The background music ( RPG-The Cavern Of Wonders )

Install instructions

The game is pre compiled and ready to run on most Debian  based distributions,

The game is compiled and ready to run on 64-bit Windows based operating systems. It comes packaged with the needed .dll files inside the game folder


Linux.zip 3 MB
Windows.zip 10 MB

Development log

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